Treatments We Offer

The Collaborative Care Program is a specific type of integrated care offered at Madison Pediatrics that treats common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety that require systematic follow-up due to their persistent nature. Some of the treatments
that we provide with this program are:

Problem Solving Therapy (PST)
Adolescents will be offered brief psychotherapy using a cognitive therapy based treatment approach created for primary care settings. PST is a short term therapy, intended to actively address a problem chosen by the patient and therapist. Length of treatment
can be as brief as four to eight weeks. 

Medication Protocols
If not responding to therapy, the pediatrician will discuss with the adolescents and parent different options for medications based on protocols supported by the American Academy for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Stepped Care Protocols
Adolescents who are not improving in their initial treatment would be discussed by the adolescents’ entire team and would receive a recommendation for increasing their treatment based on what is best for the adolescent and his/her needs.

Care Management
The collaborative care clinician is able to provide an array of services. When a patient consents to treatment, they will start problem solving therapy. Other care management services the clinician can provide are helping adolescents connect to outside services.

Relapse Prevention Planning
When the clinician and adolescent feel symptoms have resolved and/or they are ready to end treatment, a relapse prevention plan will be completed prior to ending care. This will review triggers for recurrent symptoms, and a plan for how the adolescent/family will manage any recurrent problems. A copy of this will be given to the patient and family at the close of treatment.

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