Collaborative Care Medical Team

Our Collaborative Care program screens and, when appropriate, offers treatment for common behavioral and psychiatric problems,
such as anxiety and depression, that are often overlooked. This program will be available to all children 12 and older. Our team includes:

Collaborative Care Clinician
The collaborative care clinician is a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in various psychotherapies. The collaborative care clinician provides education, works to engage the adolescent
and family in care, provides psychotherapy in the primary care setting, tracks the adolescent’s response to treatments, troubleshoots any issues with care, coordinates with other members of the team, and provides ongoing case management for the adolescent.

If an adolescent screens positive, the pediatrician will invite the collaborative care clinician into the room in real time at the medical appointment, to provide education to the adolescent and/or family about the program, answer questions and to schedule a separate visit.

Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist
The adolescent psychiatrist has expertise in adolescent mental health. The child and adolescent psychiatrist meets with the
collaborative care clinician for three to four hours each week to discuss and review the care that adolescents are receiving for their behavioral or psychiatric condition.

Our pediatricians will continue to have regular appointments with adolescents. He or she will remain active and involved in all aspects of your adolescent’s care.

Patient and Parent
The collaborative care clinician solicits preferences in care from the adolescent and parent and acts as a gateway for communication with all other team members.

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